Summer Camps

The cadet year doesn't end with the end of school - it continues all summer. Not at the squadron, but at the many Summer Training Centres across Canada. Cadets get to go on course for almost any activity that is covered in the cadet year. These camps are always a great experience, with the chance to make new friends from across Ontario, or even Canada, and take part in some amazing experiences. Who else gets to learn how to fly, survive in the bush, learn how to instruct, play sports all day, or visit another country at absolutely NO COST? That's right, these camps are entirely paid for; in fact, cadets even receive a weekly training bonus of $60 to cover any expenses such as boot polish and snacks.


There are many courses for cadets of all ages and interests. Starting off with a General Training Course in level one, cadets get to do activities that connect to every part of their cadet year: camping, flying, sports, drill, music, and much more. There is also a Basic Musicians' Course for interested cadets. In higher levels, the camps get even better. Intermediate courses, generally lasting 3 weeks, include:

Basic Aviation Technology and Aerospace Course (BATAC)
Basic Leadership Course (BLC)
Basic Survival Course (BSC)
Basic Fitness and Sports Course (BFSC)
Military Band - Intermediate Musician Course (MB-IMC)
Pipe Band - Intermediate Musician Course (PB-IMC)
Basic Aviation Course (BAC)

In higher levels, cadets can continue on to more advanced courses. These generally run for 6 weeks and offer the opportunity to become and expert in the chosen field. The advanced courses are:

International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE) Photo
Oshkosh Trip (OT)
Power Pilot Scholarship (PPS)
Glider Pilot Scholarship (GPS)
Advanced Aviation Technology Course - Airport Operations (AATC-AO)
Advanced Aviation Technology Course - Aircraft Maintenance (AATC-AM)
Advanced Aerospace Course (AASC)
Leadership and Ceremonial Instructor Course (LCIC)
Survival Instructor Course (SIC)
Fitness and Sports Instructor Course (FSIC)
Air Rifle Marksmanship Instructor Course (ARMIC)
Military Band - Advanced Musician Course (MB-AMC)
Pipe Band - Advanced Musician Course (PB-AMC)
International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE)
Oshkosh Trip (OT)

No matter how cadets decide to spend their summer, it's always a great experience and the friends they make there will last a lifetime.

For the more senior cadets, there is one further summer experience offered: staffing at one of the above summer camps. Every training centre needs knowledgeable and skillful flight staff, instructors, and support staff to give cadets the best summer experience possible. Staffing positions last seven weeks and the training bonus received by staff cadets ranges from $60-$90 / day! It is by far one of the best summer jobs available in the country, and the friendships you make will last throughout your years.