An exciting part of the cadet program is range - the chance for cadets to try their hand at shooting an air rifle. They are taught how to properly handle the rifle and are given the chance to fire it at a 10m target under officer suppervision. We use both grouping and bullseye targets, allowing cadets to shoot for consistency and overall accuracy. This is a great experience for everyone, especially for those who have never had the opportunity to use a rifle.

Range Team


Every year, 534 fields a 6-cadet team to compete in the regional range competition. In this shoot-off, army, sea, and air cadets from our area compete to see which squadron or corps has the best shooters. The day-long event is generally held in March, and the winning team moves on to a provincial competition, followed by a national range competition later in the year.

The team is composed of a mix of junior and senior cadets, giving everyone a chance to participate. Tryouts will be held before Christmas, and the team will be practicing most Saturdays after that. We have sent many great shooters to the competition, and hopefully this year's team will make us proud!

Of course, the challenge isn't limited to cadets who make the team. There are also 4 levels of marksmanship badges that can be earned in the grouping shots, to be worn proudly on the uniform. These can be earned by any cadets, both at the squadron and during the summer courses.