For anyone interested in becoming a glider or power pilot with Air Cadets, 534 offers a weekly groundschool to help you prepare for the entrance exam. The classes cover all aspects of aviation theory - meteorology, navigation, propulsion, theory of flight, and much more. The exam to get the flying scholarships is very tough and requires a lot of studying. It is recommended that cadets come for the two years before they apply for glider/power, as the classes are fast-paced and it is difficult to absorb all of the material in one year. The classes also help prepare cadets for the Basic Aviation Course and Advanced Aviation Course.

Classes run on Tuesday nights from September until the beginning of January. They take place at the Wing (274 King St.) from 6:00pm until 8:30pm (occasionally classes will run to 9:00pm to cover additional material. Cadets will be informed the week before.) The entrance exam usually takes place the first Saturday after students return to school from the Winter Holidays. Selection then proceeds to an interview board in February and final selection in late March.


Various resources will be posted online for self-study at home and to help cadets who miss a week. Because of the time constraints, self-study is necessary to achieve a good score on the exam. Attendance every night is highly recommended, but if you have a valid reason your absence will not be held against you. Just be sure to call WO Braz beforehand and to take a look at the relevant classes, all of which are in the document below. A class schedule will be posted here shortly.

Groundschool Classes - Note, these are written in the same form of english as the rest of the Air Cadet lesson plans - so some 'translation' may be necessary. If the case of any contradiction between this and the From the Ground Up, From the Ground Up should be considered accurate.
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Practice Tests