Twice a year, our squadron goes gliding at Mountainview airport. This gives all cadets the chance to experience flight with pilots from the Central Region Gliding School. Each flight takes the cadet up to 2000 feet in a two-seater SGS 2-33A glider, giving about 12 minutes before they return to the ground. While they're up in the air they'll be given a tour of the area and shown how the plane flies. If they're lucky, they may even get the chance to try out the controls for themselves, under the watch of a qualified instructor, of course.


These days, held in both the fall and spring, are great for inspiring the younger prospective pilots. In fact, some of the pilots who are flying are cadets from our squadron, graduates of the six-week Glider Pilot Scholarship. Gliding is one of the greatest experiences in the cadet program, especially as a pilot, and the famil program is a way of bringing that to all cadets.

As flying is highly weather-dependent, we are occasionally grounded on our gliding days. As unfortunate as this is, it does present the opportunity for cadets to explore the hangar at Mountainview Airport, try out the new flight simulator, and take a look inside the aircraft. We may also visit the Trenton Air Force Museum, located right next to Trenton Air Force Base, and take a tour of the AirPark outside, home to many military aircraft.