534 Raider squadron's brass and reed band is one of the best in the area! These are the cadets that you'll see playing in the many parades that we participate in, carrying the beat that the squadron follows. The band is composed of cadets of every age playing a wide variety of instruments, including trombones, trumpets, clarinets, flutes, saxophones, drums, and a wide variety of percussion instruments. They practice weekly and play every few weeks at the squadron on our Monday parades.

Our Band can be seen at every parade we attend. This includes most Christmas parades in the Peterborough area, Rememberance Day Parade, the Battle of Britain Parade, and a host of others. They are an invaluable part of the squadron and really help show the city who we are.

The Band practices every Wednesday from 6:00pm to 8:30pm. Our Band is open to all cadets of any age, rank, and experience. Our instructors are some of the best and are more than happy to help anyone who's interested in picking up, learning, or perfecting an instrument. We provide a wide range of instruments, so there's something for everyone and you don't have to own an instrument to join!

Competition Band

Every year, 534's band competes in the regional Band and Drill competition in Trenton. This band is composed of our regular band, as well as a few seniors who join for support. There, they compete against Army, Sea, and Air cadets from accross Eastern Onatrio. There are also Pipe and Drum bands at the competition.

Practice for the competition starts early in the year, as the cadets have to perfect two routines, one of which they must create for themselves using any music they wish to play. The compulsory routine involves playing music chosen by the competition's organizers while, at the same time, performing a standardized drill routine. The freestyle routines are also very impressive, combining a variety of music with a drill routine that's also created by the cadets. As each freestyle routine is unique, the competition is never boring to watch.