Training Nights

Every Monday night we parade from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm at the Armoury (220 Murray St.) These nights are the main activity of our squadron and an important part of the cadet experience. It's very important that cadets come prepared with classroom materials, as well as a well-done uniform of course.

Each night starts off with an opening 'parade' where all cadets assemble on the parade square for attendance, drill practice, and to receive any messages about the night. This is followed by three classes, where cadets are taught a wide range of subjects. Some topics include: Drill (Marching), Aviation Theory, Survival, Leadership, and Instructional Theory. The night finishes off with a second parade and announcements from the officers.

Once a month we have a CO's parade. During these parades, the Commanding Officer does an inspection of the squadron, followed by the entire squadron doing a march-past to show off their drill and uniforms. This parade also gives the Flag Party and Band a chance to show the squadron what they've been practicing. Because of the inspection, cadets should put extra effort into their uniforms before these nights. Our CO's parades are always the first Monday of the month.