Info for Instructors

Instructional Guides(Master Lesson Plans)

These are best used as background information on the classes you're teaching. Remember, they are GUIDES, not rulebooks. You have as much liberty as you need to modify the lesson to your teaching style, as long as you ensure that all of the material cadets will need to know (and here you must use your judgement) is covered.
Please click on which level's Instructional Guide or Master Lesson Plans you would like to download.

NOTE: For Instructional Guides, the links below will take you to 758 Argus Squadron's site, from which you can download the individual PO you are looking for, or the entire level:

Level One Instructional Guides
Level Two Instructional Guides
Level Three Instructional Guides
Level Four Instructional Guides

Level Five Master Lesson Plans

Qualification Standards and Plans (Course Training Plans)

For more general outlines, use these QSPs. Chapter Four of each one contains the main teaching points and basic descriptions and is great to use as a lesson outline, especially if you are familiar with the material. If you need more details, refere to the IGs and MLPs.
Level 1 QSPs
Level 2 QSPs
Level 3 QSPs
Level 4 CTPs
Level 5 CTPs

Class Schedule

Lesson Plan Templates

Use these to guide the structure of your lesson.

IT (Classroom)