Drill Team

534 has some of the best cadets in the region when it comes to drill. Naturally, we want to show them off to the other squadrons and corps, to compete with them to see who has the best drill. Welcome to the drill team. Every year, 16 dedicated cadets form the 534 Raider Drill Team. In the spring, they attend the regional drill and band competition, where they compete with air, army, and sea cadets for the title of Best Drill Team.

There are two parts to the drill routine that they perform: the compulsory and the silent. The compulsory routine is a standardized performance that every squadron and corps will show to the judges. The silent routine is where the cadets really get to have fun, as each routine is made up by the squadron and performed without any commands. Yes, the cadets perform intricate maneuvers with impeccable precision, all without the commander uttering a single word. Both routines are done excellently, and 534 constantly ranks among the best squadrons in attendance.

Interested cadets should be prepared to practice frequently. Practice will start late in the fall and will take place most Saturdays until the competition, in April. The work the cadets put into the routine is definitely worth it, as their performance always make our squadron proud.